Welcome to the Bubble!

First of all, a big hello to all (potential) future and also current Jacobians!

We, a bunch of freshman, created this blog to help all of you “burst the bubble,” get off campus more often, explore the environment outside Jacobs University — shortly, to get the most out of your experience while studying here.

Since all five of us have spent the last year at Jacobs, we have personally experienced how important it is to get away from this campus from time to time (yes, sometimes it does really feel like bubble here, cut off from the outside world).
But what we also noticed is that many students, especially non-German speakers, do not really know where to go in Bremen – maybe it is the language barrier, or simply lack of information on where cool places are.

This blog will change all this! 🙂 We put up useful, interesting, funny and crazy places we think nobody should miss while being in Bremen – with our personal evaluation, opening hours and directions on how to get there.

However, this blog is meant to be a tool for all of us and also created by all of us. So, if you feel that any special place you want toshare is missing and you want to add it, if you want to upload pictures or if you want to comment on our choices, please do so!

We hope you have lots of fun checking out this blog and also “bursting the bubble”!

Your “Burst the Bubble”-Team
Ingerid (Norway), Lara (Germany), Elizabeth (Ecuador), Fikir (Ethiopia), Salome (Georgia)



  1. Guys, congratulations… this site is awesome… I think I am going to use it a lot hehehe


  2. Good work – this should come in very handy!

  3. You’re blog is fantastic!
    It covers exactly the information we need and look for when we leave our bubble. I also looove the design and name and everything! Great job!

    a big compliment from the competing group 🙂

  4. guys, great job! i really love it:)with all those nice pictures and design…and i think it is pretty useful, especially for freshmen next year, so it was worth staying up till 3 am huh?:)

  5. wow!! I just bookmarked this page! Nice job guys !!

  6. Please feel free to post other places you like, and recommend to people!
    Lets keep it up people!

  7. wow this is an impressive blog!! good work guys!!!

  8. Hey All!

    Shall we open a new category for those seeking flatmates there? I guess there are some others like me who have to find a flat when we arrive in August.

  9. Hey guys, there’s a donner shop called Gul Imbiss in BhanHauf Vegessack which makes one of the best rollos in Bremen. THey sell donner for 2.5 euro (1 euro cheap) on Donnerstag (thursday). Might be handy when you miss a lunch. :))))))))))))))))))
    BTW nice blog!

  10. It would be nice to see a small category for the active and the most popular clubs in the campus….also would like to have small informations about it!! thANKS!!


  11. nice blog 🙂 i’ll add you in my blogroll if u dont mind

  12. bremenskie muzikanti :user:

  13. nice blog and thanks

  14. good job guys!!

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